Where to buy AdBlue®?

You want to fill up your AdBlue®
tank and would like to know the options for filling it up
yourself using containers or a pump.

Purchasing at petrol stations

When your AdBlue® tank empties, you are warned of the need to refill through an alert on your vehicle display indicating that you have 1500 miles left of AdBlue® . The alert then decreases; you must fill your AdBlue® tank.
You can choose to call your dealer so they can do it for you. This option is expensive and is not the most efficient. We recommend you find a gas station, in order to minimize costs and delays.Today almost all gas stations have AdBlue® on sale. The most common way AdBlue® is sold is in 5 or 10 litre containers.

The option of a pump or a container

Many AdBlue® pumps are already in place, but are reserved for trucks and heavy goods vehicles. Please note that pumps for cars will be put in place in the near future, to facilitate refilling. You will then fuel up with AdBlue as you fuel up with diesel, in a gas station such as Total. It is not recommended to use the pumps reserved to heavy goods vehicles for your car, because the flow rate is higher and you bear the risk of damaging your car’s bodywork through splashing. Do not attempt to refill your containers with the pumps for trucks. The best option is to use the AdBlue® cans designed for private cars.

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The price of AdBlue at gas stations

Petrol stations offer AdBlue® at lower prices than dealers for private cars. Prices generally take into account labor service.  Prices of containers vary from one gas station to another so we recommend you to compare prices at different gas stations.

The price of a 5 or 10 litre container lies between €15 and €25.

What are the average prices of AdBlue® ?

The previsions of evolution of the AdBlue® price index in the medium term are stable and up to 0,5-0,55€ per litre. However, conditioned AdBlue® that you put in your vehicle is more expensive. Know that the price per litre is higher in containers than at pumps.

What are the factors affecting the price of AdBlue® ?

The price of AdBlue® depends on various factors such as the point of purchase, the quantity and the packaging of the product (loose, packed, at pumps, etc.). The price index is strongly affected by the costs of manufacturing depending on the cost of high quality urea, which is the main component. Costs of transportation and distribution are a huge part of the price. Thus, prices are lower in Germany in reason of the numerous AdBlue® factories on the territory.


Is the price of AdBlue® a guarantee of quality ?

The price of AdBlue® is not an indicator of quality in that all the branded diesel exhaust fluids are of good quality and conform to VW, DIN 70070 and ISO 22241-1 standards. For this reason it is strongly not advised to try and make AdBlue® yourself from high-grade urea. You should use AdBlue® approved by the manufacturer and packaged in the original containers. The AdBlue® brand is a registered trademark of the VDA (Association of the Automotive Industry).


AdBlue® Price Comparison

To give you an idea of the range of prices of AdBlue®, here is a quick overview


bidon-cinq-litre  5 litre container ≈ 18-25 €


bidon-dix-litre  10 litre container ≈ 15-20 €


forfait-remplissage  Flat-rate fill-up ≈ 45 €


forfait-remplissage  Flat-rate fill-up ≈ 43 €

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